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27 September, 2021

NMN – stop aging with nicotinamide mononucleotide?

NMN is an increasingly relevant topic. But what is nicotinamide mononucleotide? How does it work and can the molecule really reverse aging?

It is already known that our mental and physical endurance and resilience decline as we get older. Until recently, this was a matter of course and could not be changed. But now there is new research and research results that show amazing things. The molecular-genetic processes in our body that are responsible for aging can be influenced externally. Thus we humans could influence the aging process. We have dealt with this topic in more detail and would like to provide you with an informative overview on nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) in this article.

What is NMN and can it really affect the aging process?

About 20 years ago, MIT discovered that yeast contained SIRT1 genes (sirtuins). These genes can influence the aging of humans and protect our organism. The sirtuins can be found in the cell pathways, which are responsible for monitoring cell death as well as activating and deactivating anti-aging genes, regulating and supporting DNA and metabolism. As soon as more of the sirtuins are contained in organisms, the life of the organisms is extended by an incredible five to 20%. Therefore, scientists have been trying to mimic these genes for some time. It does this with the help of various molecules, including the NMN molecule that we would like to talk about today. NMN is a naturally occurring, chemical vitamin B3 compound; such a compound is also called a derivative. What does NMN do in our body? In terms of humans, NMN is used to produce nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD +). This molecule can be found in every human cell and is vital.

Because when your NAD + values drop, you age faster and faster. If the NAD + was zero, we humans would die instantly. NAD + is crucial when it comes to activating the sirtuins that we already learned about in the section above. Without NAD +, the SIRT1 genes in our body cannot work and function as usual. The consequence of this is a lack of protection against pathogens and also the faster aging of the body. If you are now wondering why we need more NAD + or more NMN with increasing age, here is the very simple answer: As we get older, our NAD + levels naturally drop. At 50 years of age, for example, your NAD + value is only about half the value that your body had at 20 years of age. This is nothing to worry about as this process is natural and there is now a great solution to rapid aging.

Which foods contain NMN?

As we age, the consequences are obvious, including the appearance of wrinkles. In particular, if you smoke, suffer from frequent stress or come into contact with environmental toxins, your body can age faster. This can also Weaken your immune system . The free radicals, which we have already got to know briefly, are responsible for the general aging. In order to counteract precisely these, antioxidants, which are found in various foods, can be used. What antioxidants are there? This group includes various vitamins such as Vitamins C and E, sulfur, selenium and zinc . To counteract the NAD + value, which decreases with age, various foods or personalized dietary supplements with a high NMN content can be taken. This can support the production of NAD +. Namely, NMN is a precursor of NAD +.

What is NMN and can it really affect the aging process

But in which foods do we find NMN again? NMN is found in various foods, including broccoli, cucumber, cabbage, avocado and edamame. Avocado is not only very popular, it is also helpful in counteracting aging. Avocado also contains many monounsaturated fats, which can lower cholesterol, and folic acid, which is helpful for good blood circulation.

How do I keep myself young and fit? Anti-aging cure through personalized dietary supplements

Not only the foods mentioned above can help counteract the aging of the skin and body. Green tea is just as popular and very tasty. This has an anti-inflammatory effect, is even said to prevent cancer and also helps with blood circulation in the body. Almonds are also a smart snack that can support your brain and memory and protect your skin from excessive UV radiation. Since almonds are rich in vitamin E, 15 to 20 almonds a day are enough for a positive effect. You can also prevent heart disease by regularly consuming almonds and other nuts with unsaturated fats.

Dark chocolate! If you love sweets as much as we at Medicross Labs, we have good news for you! Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which promote our blood circulation and thus can also slow down aging. You should just make sure that you really use dark chocolate and not buy milk chocolate. This does not achieve the same effect as the bitter variants. Did you also know that there is tannin (a tannin) in dark chocolate? This can lower blood pressure and make your arteries more flexible.

Since not all relevant substances can always be consumed through food, there are various personalized dietary supplements. These can help you to keep your body fit and young for longer.

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