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7 January, 2022

Do I have a good metabolism?

Since many people ask themselves, ?Do I have a good metabolism??, We looked at the signs of a healthy energy balance in humans.

Energy metabolism in humans is probably one of the most interesting topics we can cover. Ultimately, there are many different areas that all revolve around the human metabolism. How do I determine if my metabolism is too high? Can I use exercise to boost my own metabolism? We would like to address and answer many of the questions that arise in the course of this article and in our other blog posts. We at Medicross Labs hope to be able to provide you with some answers to these hot questions and we look forward to hearing from you with further inquiries, ideas or suggestions – our customer advisors will be happy to help you!

Is my metabolism good?

Do I have a good metabolism or not? It’s really not fair either – some people can just eat what they want, when they want, how much they want and still just won’t gain weight. Then there are those who eat very little or seldom and still gain weight. This is where the metabolism comes into play. With a good metabolism, the food you eat can be converted more quickly. This in turn means that your ingested calories are burned so that, as we learned in the last article, your cells can receive all the important substances and enzymes they need. So if you have a good metabolism, you can also benefit from the fact that the food you eat is converted more quickly and the calories are also burned faster.

In addition, the metabolism naturally ensures that all toxins and waste materials are transported out of your body as quickly as possible. Therefore, there are some signs that can show you that your metabolism is currently good and is not working too high or too low. We would now like to explore with you which symptoms these are.

First of all, we can look at the body temperature or the temperature sensation in humans. If you feel warm frequently, this can be a good sign that your metabolism is working well. It is very common that people whose metabolism is very good also experience warmth more often. Conversely, an increased feeling of cold in you could also mean that your metabolism may be too weak and slow.

The symptoms of a good energy balance

“Do I have a good metabolism?” – This question can be determined by looking at some symptoms. So if you experience warmth frequently, you can assume that your metabolism is working very well. The same goes for a good appetite, by the way. If you are hungry frequently, there is really no need to worry about it. A healthy appetite ultimately means that your metabolism is also working very well. Strictly speaking, frequent hunger only means that your body has converted and metabolized the food you eat very quickly. Therefore you are hungry more often or faster. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stuff yourself with food all the time. The key here is a healthy appetite, coupled with sufficient exercise in the fresh air.

Now we come to a point that may seem a little uncomfortable to some people, but is still of great relevance when it comes to human metabolism. The fact is that puffing is also an indicator of a good metabolism. Ultimately, puffing only means letting out intestinal gases and this in turn speaks for good digestion and a good metabolism. In addition, this process ensures that you do not have any digestive disorders or suffer from abdominal pain.

The next sign is also a very discreet point: the urge to urinate. Frequent urge to urinate means that everything is going well with your metabolism. If your metabolism is working well and normally, you will likely need to go to the bathroom more often. However, this should not unsettle you, it only speaks for a good metabolism.

How do I know if my metabolism is good?

Symptoms of a good energy balance

Who would have thought – now it’s all about digestion. Because a good metabolism ultimately also means that you can benefit from very good digestion. It is completely normal for everyone to have different bowel movements and, of course, this can change depending on their diet. Nevertheless, regular, normal bowel movements can speak for a very good metabolism. Frequent belching, especially after eating or drinking, can also be a sign that your digestion is working well and your metabolism is excellent.

As you can see, there are a large number of different symptoms that suggest a good metabolism. If you’ve noticed that your metabolism doesn’t seem to be that good, but rather works slowly, the following tips could help you. Drinking enough water can sometimes be enough to get a slow metabolism going. In particular, cold water is recommended here, at best, make sure to consume 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. When you drink cold water, your body has to use more energy to heat it up to your body temperature. Another valuable tip that we can give you on the way: green tea and coffee can also stimulate the metabolism. It is similar with spicy and protein-rich food, which ensures that the metabolism is boosted.

If you don’t know your body completely, you can do a self-test at home with a hair sample and then use personalized dietary supplements .

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