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When is nutritional counseling advisable?

  • Physical complaints

    For intolerances, loss of appetite, stomach pain, diarrhea, flatulence, fatigue, exhaustion, obesity, headaches, loss of libido, sleep disorders, immune deficiency, skin, nails and hair problems.

  • Psychological complaints

    For depression, mood swings, insecurity, anxiety, nervousness, difficulty concentrating.

  • Chronic complaints

    For chronic fatigue, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, joint problems, arthritis, rheumatism, skin diseases, gastritis, migraine, hypothyroidism.

  • Nutritional counseling

    Learn more about your body

    Receive a holistic consultation from our expert, tailored to your needs and bookable over any period of time. 60 minutes of holistic nutritional counseling for only 69.90

Holistic nutritional counseling

Improve your quality of life

Our experienced consultant supports you individually on the way to a better diet. Create awareness of healthy and enjoyable eating as a foundation for a symptom-free life.

  • More well-being

    Our holistic nutritional counseling can help you alleviate persistent symptoms and improve your quality of life. Find your very own path to better nutrition with our experienced nutritionist.

  • A holistic approach

    Maybe you’ve been trying to relieve your digestive symptoms for years, or you’re struggling with persistent fatigue. Many complaints and diseases can be treated and positively influenced by a suitable and supportive diet.

  • Healthy - and enjoyable!

    Our nutritionist will support you every step of the way to your goal, addressing your individual needs and concerns. Of course, your diet should not only be balanced and appropriate for your needs, but also enjoyable.

  • More conscious nutrition

    Even for healthy people, it can make sense to adjust eating habits in certain situations – for children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, during menopause, at an advanced age and in connection with sports activities.

How does your nutrition consultation work?

Our personal consultation includes three phases, in which we define your goals and the way to achieve them.
  • Your individual goals

    Together we will do a comprehensive assessment of your past history and current eating habits to get a holistic picture.

  • Your test results
    • On request: discuss and interpret your test results.

    We recommend a micronutrient test in advance to target your needs. However, the test is optional.

  • Your holistic counseling
    • Holistic nutritional counseling
    • Tips for your everyday life
    • Recipe suggestions
    • Time just for you!

    And much more!

  • Christiane Dezini


    Christiane is a qualified nutritional scientist and holistic nutritionist.

    Her focus is on nutritional therapy, orthomolecular medicine, Chinese dietetics, raw food therapy, purification and detoxification procedures, vegan nutritional counseling, fasting therapy, and herbal medicine.

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