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Frequently asked questions

  • How can you reach us?

    You can send us an e-mail to [email protected], send us a message via WhatsApp to +49 152 15030526 or call us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:00 on +49 8382 2792450.

  • Products

  • What products do we offer?

    Here at Medicross, our highest priority is to take care of your well-being holistically with you. Therefore, in addition to our intolerance test and micronutrient test, we offer nutrient formulas and nutritional consultations customized to you. This way, we can continue to provide you with optimal care after the test and increase your well-being in the long term.

    We also offer the intolerance test and the micronutrient test for your pet, so that your animal companion can also feel completely well.

  • Why are the prices so low?

    We try to keep our prices as comfortable as possible. However, this only works in cooperation with you. Not only can important environmental resources be saved by eliminating packaging and shipping. We still manage to make the prices attractive for you. All you have to do is print out the entry form easily and conveniently at home and send it together with the sample. By taking over one or the other step yourself, we manage to keep these prices and together ensure a more sustainable environment.

  • Where can I find more information about the products?

    All important information and FAQs about the products can be found here:

  • Order & test procedure

  • How many hairs are needed for the hair sample?

    For the hair sample is enough 10-20 hairs, which must be cut close to the hairline. The length of the hair usually does not matter, but for very short hair (3mm) or bald people we recommend using leg, arm or chest hair as an alternative.

  • Can I do the test with colored hair?

    The result is not distorted by colored hair.

  • How do I activate my test?

    Once you have completed your online questionnaire, your test is activated and you can submit your hair sample.

  • Where can I find the online questionnaire?

    You can find the online questionnaire at

  • Where can I find my submission sheet?

    We will send your submission sheet by e-mail right after your order. If you can’t find the mail directly, please have a look in your spam folder.

  • Where should the sample be sent to?

    For customers from the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, or any other countries outside the European Union, please use this address:

    Herrengasse 30
    9490 Vaduz

    For customers within the European Union, please use this address:

    Heuriedweg 20
    88131 Lindau am Bodensee

  • Can I send multiple submission sheets at once?

    Of course, you can also send us several submission sheets and hair samples in one envelope. For this, please make sure that the respective bag containing the hair sample is securely attached to the submission sheet. This is the only way we can correctly assign the samples.

  • Will I receive feedback when the sample arrives?

    Due to system technical reasons we cannot send a confirmation of receipt. We record the samples in our system only shortly before processing.

  • When will I receive my result?

    After receipt of the sample, you will receive your result by e-mail within 18 working days. If you have ordered the Express option, the processing time will be reduced to 3 working days.

  • Where do I order my nutrient formula?

    To request your nutrient formula you can simply click here

  • Can I order the test for another person?

    Of course, you can also buy our tests for another person. All you have to do is fill out the online questionnaire and the submission sheet with the data of the person to be tested.

    You want to give one of our tests as a gift, but you are unsure which one it should be? Then we also have gift certificates that you can send with an amount of your choice to a person of your choice.

  • From which countries can I order?

    You can place your order from any country in the world. You will receive your submission sheet by e-mail immediately after your order and you can start taking samples right away. Our results for people are available in German, as well as English.

  • Payment, Shipping & Revocation

  • What payment methods are available?

    At Medicross we want to make your checkout process as easy as possible. Therefore, we accept the following methods of payment:

    • Paypal
    • Credit card such as Visa, American Express and Mastercard
    • Apple & Google Pay
    • Giropay
    • Instant transfer
    • Eps transfer
    • by invoice (Write a request by e-mail to our customer service for this purpose)
  • Where is my test kit?

    We do not ship test kits as this causes an unnecessary environmental impact and with your help we can keep the cost of your analysis low. You will receive your submission sheet directly after your order confirmation for self-printing and can immediately perform your sample collection at home.

  • How do I send in my hair sample?

    Your hair sample, will be packed in a small bag and stapled to your assigned submission sheet, which you will print out independently at home beforehand. You will find detailed instructions in your order confirmation.

  • How can I cancel my order?

    Click here to find our cancellation policy.

  • We are happy to help you

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